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Regional Blood Centre, Karachi
Government of Sindh

Blood Component Preparation

Blood Component Preparation

After the completion of blood grouping and TTI screening of the collected blood, the blood component processing unit is all set for processing and storage. This Processing Unit is responsible for:

  • Reception and registration of blood bags (whole blood) blood component preparation;
  • Quarantine storage;
  • Labeling of verified/quarantine released blood prior to storage in the inventory and distribution unit. The inventory and distribution area is a separate area which keeps a demarcation between verified and non-verified blood products.


  1. Quarantine Storage:

The capacity of cabinets and freezers should be a minimum of 2.5 times the average daily service load plus 50% to allow for variations in daily work load. The capacity of processing freezer cabinets should be a minimum of 7 times the average daily service load plus 50% to allow for daily fluctuation.



  1. Labeling:

After quarantine release (testing verification), each blood component unit is labeled (vital function) and issued to the Inventory and Distribution unit for inventory storage. Blood units not suitable for transfusion must be stored separately prior to disposal. The procedure should be done following a check and double check principle – either two people or one with the computer as the sparring partner. This should be done in a quiet corner.